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·Adhesive test industry
Bring into play the advantage of standard examine and approve unit and leading the industry products in performance testing . To provide support and guarantee for upgrading the level of technology.
·Food Packaging test industry
As drafting units of standard, our company lead development of the new test method and provide test instrument that satisfy the requirement of the customer. Making an irreplaceable contribution to the progress of technique and the upgrading of quality.
·Paper test industry
Bring into play a long-term accumulation of rich experience and technological advantages and carring out research on technology and function extensibility of the test instruments. Closely follow the development of international advanced test method and test instruments to provide support and assistance for technological progress of packaging and packaging products.
·Universal Material ttester
It is our social responsibility to provide medium and small load tensile tester with high-precision. For us developing small value tester is an inescapeable duty. In the field ,through a long period of study and exploration,the small value tensile tester with unique,to fill the gaps ,high-precision and multi-functional has started to put on the market . It will give a guarantee to enhance the quality of products in related areas.